Edutainment Software with Augmented Reality

Do you know what is dull about the typical educational software you marketed so many times for financial success?
Let me answer this question. It is all the same. You click, click and click. Step into the market with an innovative valuable educational product that uses Augmented Reality technology that has until now been restricted to the world of computer games.

Magic? No! Let me guide you ...

Professor Why™
the World of Chemistry learn more

Professor Why™ is a type of Self-learning, Augmented Reality educational software covering Chemistry, designed for teenagers. No prior knowledge is required. Focus on the practical benefits: mastering experimental skills and all in an environmentally-friendly and safe setting. There is no need for a real lab or dangerous reagents.

We offer:
  • License for Publishers & Public Shows
  • Fully customizable content
  • Localization service available
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Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions is just such a place. You can discover and learn about the inventions of the Renaissance genius. An Augmented Reality technology allows you to see virtual reality machinery. Bring your smartphone or a tablet and enter the world of magic. Visit the Virtual Exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions. It is one of a kind experience for both the kids and the adults.

  • We build ready-to-go mobile app with custom 3D content for Museums, Science Centers, Trade Shows and Commerce
  • We specialize in modern 3D content
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Company Overview

Marek Trojanowicz, CEO

Mateusz Marmołowski, CTO

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

CTAdventure is a pioneer in the field of the Augmented Reality Technology. We enhance traditional textbooks with the augmented reality, and push the boundaries of innovation in order to make learning more and more exciting for students. Our flagship product - Professor Why™, encourages the young natives of our digital world to learn through self-development, immersing themselves in chemical explosions and a variety of chemical reactions.